HIKE: Mushroom Caves

Not too far from the coast, a secluded area of sandstone caves are waiting to be discovered. This is a must see if in the area. Its a short hike and can likely be done in under an hour.

While the graffiti defaces the natural sandstone it for sure adds to the unique charm of this place.

Getting There: There are plenty of ways into the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. We cut to the chase and entered along: Holmwood Lane, Solana Beach, CA. Its a residential area, but there is SOME parking on the street / dirt road (its more of a dirt road). There is a trailhead at the end of the street on the left. Makes for about a 1 mile hike.

There are plenty of narrow sandstone walls to climb up between and around. It is a tight squeeze with some areas barely 2 feet wide.

Make it to the top of the sandstone caves for great views of the Pacific overlooking the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

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