Life After Gravity with 3DR

Would love to say this is my first but, this is my fourth drone in the past year alone. I will say that I have finally found 'the last drone' I'll ever buy. The 3DR Solo Quadcopter equip with a GoPro 4 shooting in 4K resolution makes for a truly remarkable piece of equipment.

The market has evolved quickly and SOLO is a huge upgrade from the Symnia X5C drone that sparked this new hobby.

Top Highlights:

Solo is the first drone with a brain, Solo is powered by twin computers. OBVIOUSLY two is better than one.

Solo is the only drone to stream live HD video from GoPro direct to iOS/Android devices. The integration between GoPro and SOLO makes for a remarkable interface that is easy to navigate and make changes to mid-flight.

Solo has powerful Smart Shot Technology which makes capturing incredible cinematic footage easy and automatic. Follow-Me features, Zip-line, and Orbit are among my favorite. Effortlessly capture the moment by automating SOLO to do the flying while you focus on the camera angles.

~ 20 mins of flight time which seems to be the going average these days.

Hands down SOLO is the easiest drone I have flown. With a price tag of $499 at some retailers - this is a no brainer for anyone looking to get into aerial videography or someone just looking for a drone for personal use. All of the aerial videos and projects we have put together have been completely on the fly. Transferring the raw video wirelessly from our GoPro to our iPad 2. Editing and compiling the video completely in iMovie for iPad. Granted the resolution is limited to 1080P and the edits are limited I am very pleased with what can be accomplished in the middle of the desert laying in the back of my Jeep when there isn't cell service let alone internet for an hour.

Shot Moab, UT

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