HIKE: Ho Chi Minh Trail

According to a locals the trail got its name in the 60's from surfers who would take the treacherous trail to the beach, after the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam.

Getting Here: 9883 La Jolla Farms Road, before turning into Blackgold Road.

The trailhead will be on the left - its literally between two properties and can be easily overlooked.

The hike is about 1 mile down to the beach and nothing short of tricky. The ground is very soft and sandy as you wind through the sandstone valley. Similar to Mushroom Caves, sand will get everywhere.

You'll see many people doing the hike barefoot as they make their way down to the beach with a surfboard in hand. Take it slow and make sure you take time to explore there are cool features just off the main trail.

After crossing a wooden beam you are welcomed into what feels like a scene out of Jurassic Park with lots of tall overgrown vegetation.

After you get down the sandstone steps you have the option of taking the higher ground along the ledge on the left or making way though the water creek. There is also a hidden waterfall / well to the immediate right tucked behind the stairs.

You'll come to a point where there is a rope to help you descend the final yards down to the beach.

Black Beach

Looking back up the trail

As an added bonus - head to the left (~ 10 min walk) and you'll come upon Mushroom House (The Pavilion) which is pretty unique to see.

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