New Year, New Adventures...

Drone shot of sunrise in the Anza Borrego desert..

Time to get your travel on! It doesn’t matter if it’s a long week getaway or short weekend trip, or even just a day trip. You can still manage to explore new places, even with a small budget. There may be new hikes, secret spots, or even great views. No matter what you are becoming richer as a person, you are experiencing more and learning more about the world around you, or perhaps the unseen. Sometimes you might come across an obstacle, but that’s ok, once you overcome you will succeed. You will know the feeling of accomplishment, which is one of the best feelings when exploring. Try it you will feel proud and want to share the full experience with family and friends.

Exploring with yourself, a group, or a partner, can be different depending on what you prefer. They will all share different types of experiences. However, they can all allow you to grow as a person. Exploring is something that can be for anyone at any age. It’s the perfect adventure for you as a person. You never know where it can take you. And to us, that’s the best part. Always keep an open mindset; it’s the best way to go about when traveling.

Some of the best places to begin your New Year and new adventures can be in your own backyard. Some of you might not even know what you have around, I know many people say that there’s not much to do, but when really they just need to go online and google search. Google can be your best friend, along with Instagram and Pinterest. They can all give you great references on a location, or better yet directions, sometimes it will include a map, or a picture of what you can find on this adventure. Keep your eyes open to ways you can share your trip with others, the more people who are exposed, the more they will want to continue exploring new places. This is usually how we discover such amazing places.

In many places you have to factor in the time, distance, and price. The New Year is often the 'off-season' for a lot of places right now, so things are cheaper. Now is the best time to get up and get going. Depending if you are driving, hiking, flying, etc. you can always manage everything around that. You need to think about what you really want to see and do, and then there are plenty of options on how you can go about your new adventures. Sometimes it’s great to write it all down into a list or draw out a map of what you need to help you accomplish this trip of yours. Some people like to just go with the flow, and take it as it comes, but that’s your choice.

Right now is the perfect time to start a new bucket list. Once you begin to check your new adventures off the list, you will feel accomplished as the New Year continues. Keep up with it, and we promise you, that you will feel brand new. Don’t give up when it gets tough, just keep going every experience is different than the one before. One adventure can lead you to the next. You never know where you might end up. Therefore, The New Year means a new year to discover a new YOU! Remember time is not wasted, its time to get lost!

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