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Where do I begin with TULUM. This was a very last minute getaway that we will NEVER forget. Tulum is a place with a great escape. We were able to disconnect and reconnect in a variety of ways. This tropical place was full of so much uniqueness. I didn’t feel like I was in Mexico, it felt more like island time. This place is known for their tropical blue water, boutique hotels, top chefs, and drinking out of coconuts. This was good vibes all around.

We actually found this hidden gem by social media. Social media nowadays can be extremely helpful. Instagram is one of our favorite social media sites, we are more visual people, and we like to see things rather than just read to catch our attention. We noticed that Tulum was somewhere we both were very fascinated about.

The one place in particular that caught our eye was Azulik Resort Mayan Spa. This was a magical place. This place was an adult tree house, made out of bamboo and very eco-friendly. This tree house was filled with different sized villas with different layouts; they each hold their own uniqueness. Some villas have ocean view and others with more of a jungle feel. You can pick and choose which you prefer, obviously the prices will vary.

This is a place all about relaxation and intimacy. The whole resort strongly believes in reconnecting with your significant other. The most amazing part about this resort is there is no electricity, the entire resort by candle light. They also believe in more baths, showering is for people in a rush. None of these villas have showers; they all have mosaic baths. It’s something that you will feel out of the box, but after you do it once, it’s something you never want to stop doing. It’s something special that’s for sure. I would suggest ordering a bottle of champagne from room service to celebrate your togetherness.

Another part of the resort that I loved was the private beach. The beach had different types of lounging furniture, and a beach bar with swings. The bartenders were very friendly and fun to be around. Make sure to order 1 of each of their tropical drinks throughout your stay. The beach is clothing optional, it wasn’t a huge deal for me, I choose to wear a bikini, but obviously there were others that choose differently. Everyone minds their own business; this is more of a place you go for more relaxation then to party.

The food from the bar was quite tasty; also the resort has a few other eating locations. All of the menus are very different and the price isn’t all that bad. We would recommend eating at the Thai restaurant on the beach after sunset. That was one of our favorite dinners while we were in Tulum, we ordered a bunch of different little bites, and the chicken pad Thai was super yummy.

The final part of our stay at this resort was going to get couples massage at the Mayan Spa. All of the massages are done cliff side overlooking the beautiful ocean. While you are laying there in peacefulness of the ocean breeze with birds chirping, and the waves crashing. Honestly, it was one of the best experiences of my life, while lying next to your significant other, knowing that you both are feeling the same way, as if you were in another world. It was something you just needed to experience, I would strongly recommend doing this sometime in your lifetime. The spa has other options other than massages but they were still working on the spa area when we were there so we couldn’t get the full experience.


I would suggest staying 1-2 nights at Azulik and then hopping around to other boutique hotels in the area. There are a TON of different hotels and each of the hotels has their own different character and vibe. We didn’t realize that until halfway into our trip when we explored more and walked into some and saw the things that they had to offer.

Some hotels that we can suggest: COCO TULUM, The Beach Tulum Hotel, Be Tulum, Sanara Tulum, Hotel Jashita.

ALWAYS travel with pesos!! Don’t use a debit card for anything. We learned the hard way. Even though Tulum I felt very safe, there are still some places where it can be a struggle, just be aware and cautions at all times.

If you do choose to rent a car, make sure to pick a rental place that has good reviews. We realized the hard way, some people like to scam you, just because we are Americans. Make sure to go the speed limit, do not drink and drive, always wear a seatbelt. We would suggest sticking to local taxi's. They made getting around a lot easier. They already know their ways around, and the driving situations in the area.

Our Favorite Places to Eat

The food down there is amazing, you taste so many different flavors, and almost everything is fresh. Fresh vegetables, fresh veggies, and everything are made into a piece of artwork. It really is a one of a kind experience. Some of the places we went to and loved eating and would recommend is Kitchen Table, Hartwood, Gitano, Casa Jaguar. These all have a TULUM feel.

Looking for a fun happening spot- Mateos , COCO Tulum Beach Bar (Pictured Above), Ziggy Beach Bar, Akiin Beach Tulum

If you wanted a more Mexican culture and feel, I would suggest heading down to the Main Street. We went down there 2 times and had a blast. They have live music, Mariachi Bands, Street food, shops, and more nightlife. One night we were craving pizza, we went to La Nave, and it hit the spot!

Our Favorite Views

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