Why Egypt should be on your Bucket List

Hello my name is Taylor Lyons and I was lucky enough to travel across the world to Egypt! My communications group at school was given a project to work on over the semester. Our professor wanted us to work as a team to do something that would make the world a better place. So, we decided that our group should bring more awareness to Egypt and make it a place worth traveling to again. Before my travels, Egypt experienced one of the deadliest terrorists attack in modern history; killing more than 305 people (Nov 2017). Although it seems like a realistic reason to mark Egypt as a country unsafe to travel; almost all countries have had their fair share of terrorist’s attacks. So does this mean we shouldn’t travel to these places? Well our group says NO. After having countless affairs of people/family tell me I shouldn’t go, it made me more determined than ever to prove them wrong. In this blog I will answer commonly asked questions and share Egypt’s beauty (well some of it, 10 days was definitely not enough time to experience everything).

Did I feel safe in Egypt?

Egypt is very large, and after the terrorist attack in earlier November the country has created great control in the touristic areas. We never felt unsafe, but the opposite. You can detect the possible danger when you see the extreme control. There are metal detectors to enter all hotels or monuments. You find in the entrance of each monument policemen asking and checking every car, checkpoints on the road and in the airports the luggage go through the scanners multiple times. Even the taxis are checked by dogs before entering any hotels. Of course, this doesn’t mean this will be enough. To kill is very easy and it can happen anywhere. We do not have to go far, Barcelona, Manchester, Paris, New York City, and unfortunately many other places. But we keep going to those places, we must. Nobody can break our freedom.

Did you get to see any mummies?

Yes, but no photos! The mummies are housed in one of the biggest museums in Egypt, Cairo Museum. They have their own exhibit, and no cameras or phones are allowed to be taken in with you. But what a site to see!! It took Ancient Egyptians 70 days to mummify one body. Egyptian embalmers were so skilled that people mummified four thousand years ago still have skin, hair and recognizable features such as scars and tattoos.

What was your favorite part of Egypt?

Let’s be serious, one of the main reasons anyone goes to a country like Egypt is for the camel rides. Am I right? Well that was definitely one of the best experiences I had. At the great pyramids, there are 50 or more camels out in the desert waiting for tourists. Men help you get onto the camels and help guide you on a short walk. It was a bumpy ride, but the views from up top with the pyramids in the background were breathtaking.

What’re some of Egypt’s most beautiful sites?

Waking up on a cruise, in the Nile River with hot air balloons and mountains as your view is truly a site to be seen. We took a 3 day Cruise that took us from Aswan to Luxor where we could get off and visit temples, Valley of the Kings and Queens, famous statues and experience some everyday life in Egypt. On the other hand, The Red Sea was absolutely breathtaking and somewhere everyone should have the pleasure of visiting. The water is crystal clear, the coral reefs are famous for diving and the scenic background is picture perfect.

Where did you get most of your souvenirs?

Cairo is home to one of the world’s largest Bazars. The amount of people and small shops in this area is pure craziness! (I thought China Town in NYC was bad) Between Venders being in your face to buy their products and heavy traffic, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience BUT the bazar does hold a lot of hidden gems to bring home and you can bargain for great prices. The Bazar is also home to one of the oldest coffee shops in the world. Layalyal Hussein Café has been open for over 300 Years.

Is it expensive to travel to Egypt?

Not at all! Everything was actually quite cheap. Our 1$ is equivalent to 17.68 Egyptian pounds. So $5.00 went along way in the markets. In 10 days, my boyfriend and I only spent an extra $500 for all food, drinks and extras.

Egypt was a once in a lifetime trip and I’m so blessed to have been able to experience so many things. My group hopes that seeing my experience can help bring tourists back to Egypt and put a more positive outlook on the country and culture itself. We hope you enjoyed this blog J

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