Rustic Farm Table DIY

We made this outdoor farm table and benches for ~ $48 in under 2 hours!


[] 2x8 (x6)

[] 4x4 (x2)

[] 1x2 (x3)

[] 2x4 (x2)

[] Wood Stain

[] 3-1/2" Decking Screws

Tools Needed:

[] Cut saw

[] Drill / Screwdriver

Measure once, maybe twice... nothing worst than miss-cutting your wood or having something come out too short. When in doubt, we cut with a little extra. You can always go back and make it shorter if needed.

Once the table was built it was time to stain! We went with a darker stain since our outdoor area is has black and white walls - we wanted it to pop.

We LOVE the final look and feel. Looking forward to being able to entertain in our new area!

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